Level Switches, Alarms
Trimod level switch Float Switch Series VR
For horizontal mounting with fixed Magnetically Operted Switch, Leak
operating differential for alarm, limit Proof Body, Explosion-proof.
and control functions. Perfect for starting or stopping pumps,
Nominal pressure: PN 25, max 25 bar opening or closing valves, or
at 300C. actuating level alarm signals. A unique
Density of liquid min: 0.7 kg/dm3; magnetically actuated switching
Operating differential fixed: 12 mm; design gives superior performance.
Wetside material: SSteel (CrNiMo); There are no bellows, springs, or
Switch rating: 5A/250VAC,5A/30VDC seals to fail.
Level alarm Minimelder-R Capacitance overfill alarm device
Identical to Unimat 3000 but factoryset CapFox ENT 20 Ex-230
for tanks with heights between for aggressive media according
3000 and 8000 mm. When ordering, to VbF/WHG
please specify the desired tank height Type approval: TV 01 ATEX 1660
and the specific gravity (s.g.) of the Supply voltage: AC 230 V
liquid to be measured. Power input: 1,5 VA
It is suitable for fuel oil, water or Protection: IP 20
neutral liquids which are not viscous Ambient temperature: - 20C / + 60C
or adhesive. Mounting: hat rail