Level Switches, Alarms
Capacitance overfill alarm device Capacitance overfill alarm device
CapFox ENT 20 Ex-24 CNS 20-250 (L=250 mm)
for aggressive media according for aggressive media according
to VbF/WHG to VbF/WHG
Type approval: TV 01 ATEX 1660 Protection: IP 68 at medium side,
Supply voltage: DC 24 V IP 67 at connection side.
Power input: 1,5 VA PTFE sensor,stainless steel 1.4571
Protection: IP 20 housing.-20C / +80C. The switching
Ambient temperature: - 20C / + 60C sensitivity of the unit can be adjusted
Mounting: hat rail in the terminal box via a potentiometer.
Type approval: 11/PTBno.III B/S2277F.
Electronic conductivity level switch Compact conductivity level switch
CoFox ELT 680 CoFox ELT 68 C
Level switch with adjustable delay for Also suitable for use with foaming or
electrically conducting materials, adhesive media, e.g. beer or yoghurt.
primarily liquids, e.g. milk, beer, wine, Especially designed for applications in
fruit juices, waste water, lyes, acids.. the food industry.
Supply voltage: DC 24 V Aluminium castmetal with screw-on
optional: AC 230 V cover, window for checking the LEDs
HR range: 1 kΩ to 100 kΩ 3-wire technology. DC 0-24 V
LR range: 50 Ω to 2000 Ω Max. switching current 250 mA