Level Switches, Alarms
Level alarms SET 3000 VibraFox® GVG compact vibration level switch 
for usage with gasoline,  for liquids
oil and grease separators with a maximum viscosity of
IP 65 (EN 60529).  AC 230 V. 10.000 mm2/s and a minimum density
- 30°C / + 80°C of 0,7 kg/dm3.
Maximum 300 m (3-wire screened Stainless steel 1.4571, polyamide cap
cable - not included) With plug IP 65 (EN 60529)
EEx ia IIB Operating pressure 40 bar
CENELEC EN 50014, EN 50020 Plug DIN 43650-A or 2 m cable
PTB no. Ex-94.C.4016X Installation length 125 mm or 69 mm
2x screwed cable connection PG13.5 Medium measured:- 40°C / +130°C
Compact capacitance level switch Compact capacitance level switch
RotaFox MLS 10  CapFox ENT 7
The switch is a universal level switch Electronic capacitance level switch -
which is used for detecting levels of compact design. Evaluation unit and
bulk materials with a minimum bulk probe form a single unit.
density of 100 g/dm3. Suitable for monitoring levels in silos,
Supply voltage: AC 230 V hoppers or tanks containing bulk 
Power input: 3,5 VA materials or liquids.
Protection: IP 55 Supply voltage: AC 230 V
Contact rating: AC 250 V 4 A Power input: 5 VA
Mechanical life: 500.000 operations Housing protection: IP 65