Level Switches, Alarms
Liquid Level Switch L6 Liquid Level Switch Series L8
Easy In-wall or External Installation,
Low Cost, Leak Proof Body, Excellent
Up to 2000 psig (138 bar). Chemical Resistance. This lightweight
Operation is simple and dependable switch can be used in numerous
with no mechanical linkage as the chemical processes, industrial
level switch is magnetically actuated. systems where process conditions
The float lever pivoted within the body are compatible with polyphenylene
moves when the process liquid sulfide,designed to handle temper. up
displaces the float. A magnet on the to 212F (100C) and pressures to
opposite end of the float level control 150 psig (10 bar).
Mini-Size Level Switch Series L10 Level Switch - Horizontal/Specialty Series F7
Easy In-wall or External Installation,
Low cost,hermetically sealed contacts
Specific Gravities as Low as 0.5. Horizontal Mount Level Switches are
Three types of floats are offered to designed to mount through the walls
accommodate liquids with specific of tanks and other vessels. Mounted
gravities as low as 0.5; maximum from the outside (externally).
pressures to 2000 psig. Wire leads Specialty Level Switches can be
are 22AWG X 18" and exit the switch used with viscous liquids or liquids
assembly through 1/8" male NPT. with suspended metal particles,
UL recognized and CSA listed. for low level detection (≥5/8").