Level Switches, Alarms
Level Switch - Vertical Series F7 Liquid Level Switch-Control Series B-190
Vertical mount models are shipped Top Mounted Displacer Type,
with normally open switch contacts Adjustable Setpoints, Magnetic
which close as the float rises toward Operation, Optional Hermetically
the mounting threads. Vertical models Sealed Snap Switch. Unit can start a
mount internally, oriented within 30 of sump pump (for example) when liquid
vertical, or select optional fittings for reaches the high set point and turn the
external mounting. Switch ratings are pump off when the level drops to the
suitable for many solid state control low set point. Unit works equally well
systems and monitors or alarms. in pressurized tanks.
Cable Float Switch CFS Free-Floating Level Switch FSW
Adjustable Counterweight .
FSW is a dual level switch designed
Control the level of liquids in filling or for filling and draining of tanks, wells,
draining reservoirs and tanks with the and reservoirs.The shape and interior
CFS. The mercury-free switch is balance weight ensure impurities and
designed with an inverter microswitch dirt will not adhere to the surface,
housed in a polypropylene cover. The making it ideal for sewage and waste
unit includes a counterweight to adjust water applications. The mercury-free
the stop and start levels of pump switch is designed with an inverter
up/pump down application. microswitch housed in a polypropylen.