Level Switches, Alarms
Cast Iron Chamber - Water Level Control Flanged Chamber Type Level Control 102/1102
Series 123/125
Pressure to 400 psig, Temperature to
Designed for boiler applications, the 425F, Hermetically Sealed Switches,
Model 123 is primarily used for low Series 102 Minimum Specific Gravity:
water cut-off or feed-water control. 0.60, Series 1102 Minimum Specific
Other applications include condensate Gravity: 0.40. By unique design, you
tanks and deaerators. A special snap can remove just four bolts from the
action switch mechanism eliminates inspection plate to examine the float
frequent operation due to surging and chamber for cleaning or wear
water level. without disconnecting the piping .
Insertion Type Level Control Series 500 Torque Tube Type Level Control Series 75
Adjustable deadband combined with Series 75 design eliminates O-rings .
direct 2-1/2" threaded or 2-1/2" flange Float assembly removes easily from
mount makes the reliable, heavy duty chamber for periodic inspection.
500 Series ideal for liquid level control Cast iron chambers are available for
in large or small tanks. Float rods are pressure to 300 psig at 425F. Cast
available from the standard 6" upto 24" steel and 304stainless steel chambers
long providing action down to a are rated for 400 psig at 500F.
specific gravity of 0.55. 2-1/2" float is All types will operate to a minimal
suitable for pressure of 400 psig specific gravity of 0.66.