Level Switches, Alarms
Side Mounted-Chamber Type Level Control  201 Optical Level Switch                OLS
The heavy duty welded carbon steel  Low cost, rugged optical level switch 
chamber provides a control to operate  provides rapid response while 
up to 1000 psi (69bar) and process  employing no moving parts for stable 
temperature up to 750°F, 400°F at the  process control. The bright red and 
electrical head assembly. The use of  green LED’s indicate the presence or 
an external magnet reduces the  absence of liquid for true, local 
possibility of magnetic particle build up  indication. Three optional materials, 
inside the armature tube and  316 stainless steel, polysulfone and 
subsequent loss of operation  Teflon® provide application flexibility. 
Multi-Level Switch Kit             F7-MLK Multi-Level Switch Kit            F7-MLK2
One or Two Station Level Switch,  316 Stainless Steel, Vertically Mount,
Vertically Mount. The F7-MLK contains  One or Two Station Level Switch.
all the components necessary for the  The user can customize stem length 
design and fabrication of a 1 or 2  (maximum 36"), actuation point, 
station level switch for pipe plug  distance between floats, and lead 
mounting. User can customize stem  wire lengths. F7-MLK2 is constructed 
length (maximum 36"), actuation point,  of 316 stainless steel -- ideal for 
distance between floats, and lead  chemicals, corrosive liquids, oils, or 
wire lengths.  high pressure applications.