Level Switches, Alarms
S-D™ Liquid Level Switch Sliquid™ Liquid Level Switch
For Sludge, Slurry, or Liquids. This top-of-the-line Level Switch has 
This reduces maintenance and  the unique, patented Magnetic Linkage 
improves sensitivity. The sealed  that completely isolates the electrical 
switch compartment and sealed leads  compartment, containing 1, 2 or 3 
yield highly reliable operation.A variety  switches, from controlled product. 
of switch types, options, mounting  Maintenance is thus reduced and 
choices and thumbwheel adjustable  sensitivity improved. Sealed switch 
ranges is available to fit your specific  compartment and sealed leads yield 
application.  the utmost in reliable operation.
Capacitance Level Switch     Model CLS1 Dual Point Level Switch         DPL110
For Solids, Liquids, Slurries, Fail-Safe  Tank High/Low Control, Conductivity 
Protection, <1 pF Sensitivity. Technology, Up to 72" Probe.
Model CLS detects the presence or  Units can be used for single or dual 
absence of material in contact with  point level control in semi-solid liquids, 
the probe by sensing a change in the  industrial slurries or heavy-bodied 
capacitance.Electronics provide highly  liquids like wastewater. Standard 24 
sensitive measurement detection  inch electrodes can be cut by the end-
(requires less than a 1 picofarad shift  user to a shorter length or lengthened 
from ambient).  by adding upto two 24inch extensions