Level Switches, Alarms
Gap Switch Series GS Level Control Series RF
Liquid Level Measurement, 1000:1  Radio Frequency Sensing for Liquids 
Wet/Dry Ratio, 316SS Wetted Parts. and Solids, Remote High/Low Control.
GS measures liquid levels at a single  RF employ radio frequency technology 
point and provides a 10A relay output  to precisely monitor the level of almost 
for high or low level alarm, overflow  any liquid or solid. Probes are 
prevention, and pump protection. The  unaffected by product build-up, even 
GS uses ultrasonic wave propagation  with problem materials like latex paint, 
between the transducer gap to sense  which can quickly disable most 
the presence or absence of a liquid.  mechanical controls. Each unit is 
0.5sec. delay and high level failsafe. quickly and easily calibrated in the field 
RF Capacitance Level Switch   Series RFC Mini-Bin Dry Bulk Level Monitor    Model DBLM
For Liquids or Powder Bulk Solids,  Compact, 4-Vane Paddle.
One-Button Calibration, Integral  DBLM operates by using a 1 rpm 
Electronics. Microprocessor based  synchronous motor to rotate a four v
RFC provides a 5 amp DPDT relay  ane, plastic paddle. When material 
output for level detection. Heavy  surrounds paddle and impedes 
material build-up on the probe does  rotation,the motor is de-energized and 
not effect operation. High or low level  triggers a SPDT snap switch. Mount 
detection in bins,silos,tanks,hoppers,  the Mini-Bin with optional 1-1/4" to 3/4" 
chutes & other vessels where liquids reducer to replace standard size units