Level Switches, Alarms
Explosion-proof Ultra-Mag™ Level Switch GS/PS Proximity Sensor  Series PS
For Powder & Bulk Solids. A unique,  Capacitive or Inductive 3-wire DC, 
patented Magnetic Linkage isolates the  Threaded Body. 
electrical compartment from controlled  The PS are noninvasive sensors ideal 
product, reducing maintenance and  for level detection, position indicating 
improving sensitivity. The sealed  and counting applications. Capacitive 
switch compartment and sealed leads  type sensors detect electrically 
yield the utmost in reliable operation.  conducting and nonconducting 
A wide selection of diaphragms   materials, liquids, solids, or powders 
and include a sensitivity adjustment  
SLT32 Level & Flow Monitor PSL Pump Station Level Controller
Greyline SLT32 Level & Flow Monitor
Measure Level or Open Channel Flow Greyline PSL Pump Station Level Controller
Controls, Transmits and Displays
User-Friendly Calibration System Non-Contacting Ultrasonic Sensor
Isolated 4-20mA (1000 ohm) 6 Relays for Pump Control and Level Alarms
False Echo Rejection Programmable Pump Alternation
3 Programmable Control Relays Built-in 3-Key Calibrator
Electrical Surge Protection RS232 output and Windows Software 
Intrinsically Safe Sensor Option for calibration and real-time monitoring
Self-Testing Logs and Reports Relay Run Times
4-20mA output Isolated 4-20mA output (1000 ohm)