Pressure Gauges
Durablock® Inclined-Vertical Manometers  420 Molded Plastic Manometer       Mark II
Series 420 Accurate to ±1%, 
3% Accuracy for Stationary and 
Series 424 Accurate to ±1/4 of 1% . Portable Applications at Minimum Cost.
0-10" water range. 424 inclined- Mark II series molded manometers are 
vertical manometer are extremely  of the inclined and inclined-vertical 
accurate instruments designed and  types. The curved inclined-vertical 
made especially for precision  tube of the Model 25 gage provides 
measurement of low differential  higher ranges with more easily read 
pressures in laboratory and test  increments at low readings. 25 is 
applications.  excellent for general purpose work. 
Microtector® Portable Electronic Point Gage Flex-Tube® U-Tube Manometers 1221/1222/1223
Fast, accurate pressure 
These inexpensive manometers 
measurements at moderate cost.  measure positive, negative and 
Combines modern, solid state  differential pressures. Flex-Tube® U-
integrated circuit electronics with the  Tube Manometers combine the 
time proven point gage manometer.  inherent accuracy of the simple "U" 
Delivers repeatable accuracy in  Tube with the durability of tough, 
measuring positive, negative or  long-lasting plastic construction. 
differential pressures to ±.00025"  Columns are of .375" O.D. flexible and 
water column over a 0-2"w.c.range.  shatter proof clear butyrate tubing.