Pressure Gauges
Dual Range Flex-Tube® U-Inclined Manometers Flex-Tube® Well-Type Manometers   1230/1235
Use Series 1227 as a regular U-tube  Flex-Tube® Well Type Manometers are 
manometer to read high-range  designed to meet the need for a 
pressure on the right leg, or as an  direct reading single column 
inclined manometer to read lowrange  instrument providing highly accurate 
pressure on the bottom leg. Simply  pressure readings; positive, negative 
incline manometer until fluid levels  These manometers are rated to 100 
read zero. No spirit level required.  psig (6.89 bar). Not recommended for 
Magnetic clips hold the gage in  vacuum service beyond 5 in. 
position on a steel duct surface. Hg (68 in w.c.).
Gas Pressure Manometer          1213 Slack-Tube® Manometers       1211/1212
The "Tube in a Tube" Direct Reading  Simply unroll the Slack-Tube 
Manometer. Provide visual indication  Manometer and set up to read static 
of pressure with the Series 1213 Gas  pressure, vacuum, or differential 
Pressure Manometer. Designed for  pressure. Magnetic clips hold it firmly 
use with natural gas, the manometer  to any steel surface or hang it on a 
can also be used to monitor any  nail. Turn connectors one revolution 
compatible gases up to 15 inches of  to open. When the pressure is 
water column. Tap water is used as  imposed.  No fluid lost. No loose caps 
the sensing media and a magnetic clip  or inserts to lose.