Pressure Gauges
Handheld Digital Manometer 477A Handheld Digital Manometer HM28
The 477A contains a highly accurate
High Accuracy(0.2%,0.1% or 0.05%),
differential pressure sensor that Differential, Gage or Absolute.
offers a 0.1% full scale accuracy on The unit incorporates a variety of
air ranges from 20" w.c. to 100 psid. features in an easy to use format that
477A are packed with features makes it useful in a wide variety of
needed to make pressure applications. Features include:
measurements and recording faster, measurement in all common pressure
easier and more accurate than ever. ranges, display resolution to 0.001,
differential or relative measurement.
Digital Manometer 476-0 Digital Differential Manometer 478-0
Single Pressure Measurement, Quickly verify filter condition, monitor
Electronic Zeroing, 1.5% Accuracy. cleanrooms, troubleshoot HVAC
Ideal for field or laboratory use, the systems, or perform field calibrations
Model 476-0 measures low pressures with the Model 478-0.The Model 478-0
from -20 to +20" w.c. with 1.5% full is an indispensable tool for the HVAC
scale accuracy. Designed especially technician,plant engineer,or industrial
for the HVAC contractor, the Model hygienist. The electronics are housed
476-0 can be used to set gas supply in a rugged extruded aluminum case
pressures. to provide long life.