I to P Converters
R27/Manostat Manually Operated 100X/101X Electro Mechanical
These high precision electropneumatic PressureType 421. Failsafe
converters combine high precision For manifold or rail mount applications.
pneumatic performance with input 3-15 psi or 0.2-1 bar output.
signal versatility for use with High packing density.
computer and microprocessor based  High flow 140 l/min (5 scfm). 
control systems. Multiple input signals. DIN rail, manifold or surface mount
4-20mA feedback   options
Type 140 Electronic Converter (I/P) Current Compact Electronic Converter Current to
to Pressure, Failsafe I/P & E/P Converters
A highly reliable current to pressure 4-20 mA; 0-10 V; 0-60 mA signal
converter for operations in extreme options. Pressure ranges from
conditions. 4-20mA (two wire); 3-15 psi to 3-120 psi. Two wire or
12-20mA field adjustable three wire versions (12/24 V).
Pressure ranges from 3-15 psi  Flow capacity of up to 300Nl/min
Weatherproof to IP66, NEMA 4X
Intrinsically Safe. Explosion Proof