I to P Converters
Electronic Converter Current to Pressure Type 120 Modular I/P Pilot Booster
Type 422 Failfreeze The Type 120 Modular I/P Pilot Booster
For failfreeze (fail in position) is extremely compact and rugged.
applications.Ideal for field applications. 4-20mA input signal. 
3-15 psi, 3-120 psi, 0.2-1 bar, Valve positioner pilot. 
0.2-8 bar output options.  Specific application customising. 
High flow-280 l/min.   Various low pressure output options.  
Failfreeze drift rate <2% setpoint/hr. Hazardous area versions available
Type N or Intrinsically Safe options
440 Series Multi-function Converters 443 Series Multi-functional Converters
It is suitable for dead-end conditions
These Electronic Pressure Converters
and can be supplied on its own or employ pulse or analogue signals.
with a visual display dial.Oil free,dry Intrinsically safe versions are
air or other dry gases,filtered to better available.
than 25 microns;at least 0.2bar above Field or panel mounted option. 
output pressure to a max. of 10bar Auto/manual control available.  
Failfreeze/failsafe switching.  Choice of feedback arrangements. 
 Failfreeze characteristics