Air Velocity Testing
LGM 1 - complete air speed measuring device LUTEF-M 4010 Air speed - temperature-humidity
This air speed measuring device with
measuring device for
digital display features a ventilation and air
microprocessor for connection to conditioning applications
turbine probes. Range: - 5,0 to + 65,0C
Measuring ranges: Accuracy: 1,0C; Resolution: 0,6C
Measuring 0,20 to 40,00 m/s Air speed (turbine, PT 100)
probe 70: (35 to 7300 ft/min) Power supply: 9 V battery
Measuring 0,30 to 35,00 m/s Battery life: approx. 40 hours
Air Velocity Meter Series 400 Electronic Balometer APM151
Measure both pressure and air Measures volumetric flow rate and
velocity. Read the red figures directly temperature,stores upto 100Readings.
in feet per minute of velocity - from APM151directly measures air flow on
400 to 10,000 fpm No conversion its large LCD display Download data
tables needed for air at standard to your computer via APM151C
conditions. Read the black figures in Interface Cable (sold separately).
inches of water column air pressure - Eliminating time-consuming
from 0 to 10" w.c. For balancing calculations, this instrument utilizes
contractor or industrial plant. thermal anemometry technology .