Air Velocity Testing
Digital Thermo-Anemometer Series 471 Mini-Vane Thermo-Anemometer MVT
Four Field Selectable Ranges from
Display Air Flow, Air Velocity and
500 to 15,000 FPM. 471 are versatile Temperature, Telescoping Mini-Vane,
dual function instruments that quickly RS232 Output. The meter uses a 1/2"
and easily measure air velocity in four diameter metal telescoping antenna
field selectable ranges, in either feet sensor to detect air flows up to
per minute or meters per second, plus 2358 ft/min and temperatures to
air temperature in F or C. High 176F. High accuracy is ensured with
contrast LCD display shows both the low friction ball bearing mini-vane.
range selected and present velocity. 9V battery and protective rubber .
Vane Thermo-Anemometer VT140 Integral Vane Thermo-Anemometer VT120
Simultaneously Displays Air Velocity
Large 1-1/4" Dual Display, One Hand
and Temperature, RS232 Output . Operation. User-selectable air velocity
Microprocessor-based unit provides ranges include ft/min, m/sec, mph,
fast, reliable air velocity measurement knots, and km/hr. Built-in thermistor
in five different scales. For airflow records ambient temperature in F/C.
measurements in heating, ventilation, For air duct measurement and analys,
and air conditioning systems, air duct fume hood analysis, ionizer flow
analysis, wind tunnel studies, or output monitoring, positive pressure
monitoring of process air. reading in clean rooms, ...