Dust concentration measurement    SKM-RM210  Carbon Monoxide Monitor    Series 450
System for measuring dust 
Flashing Beacon, Programmable 
concentrations within a range from  Alarm, Backlight Display, Data 
0,5 to 200mg/m3,according to German  Storage/Retrieval. The Series 450  is 
guidelines such as BlmSchV 13 and  ideal for industrial and commercial 
17, TALuft.Performance-tested  HVAC applications such as furnace 
according to the pertinent guidelines:  and hot water heater inspection, and 
installation and maintenance of  residential HVAC applications such  
for continuous measurement as chimney, oven, and appliance 
Handheld CO Analyzer           1205A-0 Handheld Flue Gas Analyzer        1207
Detects CO from 0 to 2000 ppm, Built- RS232 Output, Stores 150 Readings, 
in Calibration. 1205A-0 provides a  11 Pre-programmed Fuels. The unit 
simple and cost effective answer to  quickly measures and calculates all 
detecting and monitoring colorless,  the parameters for accurate flue gas 
odorless, toxic carbon monoxide. The  analysis. Simultaneously display eight 
portable, battery operated unit  different measurements in user 
measures CO from 0 to 2000 ppm in  selectable language. Analyzer 
30 seconds. 1205A-0 is ideal for  features 11 preprogrammed fuels
ambient air monitoring . and CO alarm preset at 1000 ppm.