Vacuum Components
Flat suction pads (round) PFG 1 to PFG 200 Flat suction pads (round) SAF 30 to SAF 125
Diameter 1-200 mm, materials: NBR, 
Diameter 30 to 125 mm, materials:
SI, HT1, PU, FPM, antistatic and non-  NBR and PU.
marking variants, without nippel. Application areas : The special 
Application areas : The universal 
suction pad for all sorts of metal 
suction pads for a wide range of  sheets, especially thinwalled 
applications, particularly for flat  motorcar body sheets, and other 
workpieces, spare part sensitive workpieces. 
Flat suction pads (round) PFYN 15 to PFYN 95  Flat suction pads (round) SPC 160 to SPC 250
Diamter 100-400 mm, material: 
Diameter 15-95 mm, material:  grey NBR.
Vulkollan. Application areas :
Application areas : Very hard- The special suction pads for all 
wearing suction pads for maximum  porous materials
loads and a long lifetime