Vacuum Components
Flat suction pads (oval) SAOF 16x50 to SAOF 70x140
Bellows-type suction pads (round) 
Sizes 16 x 50 to 70 x 140 mm,  Diameter 30-85mm,material:Vulkollan
materials NBR and PU Application areas :
Application areas : Very hard-wearing suction pads for 
The special suction pad for sheet s maximum loads and a long lifetime, 
metal, particularly thinwalled car  particularly for uneven workpieces 
bodywork components  or if height compensation is needed
Bellows-type suction pads (round)  Bellows-type suction pads FSG 5 to FSG 88
Diameter 22 to 125 mm, materials:  Diameter 5-88 mm, materials: 
NBR and PU NBR,SI,PU, HT1 and NK
Application areas : Application areas :
The special suction pad for all sorts  The universal suction pads for 
of curvatured metal sheets,especially  particularly uneven workpieces or if 
thinwalled motorcar body sheets height compensation is needed