Automatic Condensate Drain CDF-Series Capacitance Condensate Drain CDE 1610
Drains the condensate that
The CDE1610 capacitance type drain
collects in the separtors, filters or in discharges only condensate, not air.
compressed air or compressed gas The valve is servo controlled, thereby
distribution lines in general. Equipped permitting the use of a large diameter
with a float operated drainage system orifice. Ensure precise and reliable
capable of fully automatic drainage of operation with working pressures
condensate . up to 232 psig.
Max. working pressure: 20 bar g.;
Max. working temperature 65C;
Capacitance Condensate Drain CDE 2050 Automatic Condensate Drain For High Pressure
By means of a sensitive capacitance Drainage capacity up to 1500 l/h at
sensor connected up to an electronic 40 bar operating pressure.Designed
control unit, it is capable of precision to operate at high pressures. These
drainage of only the condensate drains have been specifically
collected in the separators or filters designed and developed to drain
without any loss of compressed air in condensate mixed with oil from
the distributor line.High capacity compressed air distribution networks.
aluminium housing. Designed to achieve high closing and
Operating pressures up to 20 bar opening forces,these drains allow the
and air flows up to 4500 m/h. drainage even of dense fluids