Cygnus. Packaged Air Cooled Water Chillers   Phoenix. Packaged air cooled water chillers
with Hermetic scroll compressors and with double screw semi-hermetic compressors
microprocessor control. and microprocessor control
Nominal cooling capacity from 6 kW to 66 kW. Nominal cooling capacity from 213kW to 1536kW. R407C
The Cygnus water chiller is completely packaged; it includes all refrigeration fluids.Twin-screw Phoenix compressors provide 6
the hydraulic components necessary for a chilled water or 8 step capacity control of the cooling capacity; therefore,
air-conditioning system. Integrated hydronic kit complete with each unit can optimise cooling capacity according to the power
pump,buffer tank, expansion vessel, drain valve, water gauge, requirements of the users. Moreover, the use of screw
air bleed valve (from model 024);Kit for remote control; compressors and the reduction of vibrations ensures a simple
Centrifugal fan with fan speed control for ducted installations and compact cooling circuit
TAE plastica. Air Cooled Water Chillers
TAE Laser. Air Cooled Water Chillers
Complete with Storage Tank Complete with Storage Tank
Available with cooling capacities from 1.7 to 130 kW. Equipped Available with cooling capacities from 1.7 to 69 kW. Designed
with a large capacity energy storage tank in which the with a sophisticated control circuit,these machines can be used
water/refrigeration fluid heat exchanger is immersed.The wit safety and precision in all industrial applications where a
chillers can therefore be used without needing to install a constant water temperature (0.5C) is required, and particularly
storage tank on the hydraulic circuit, thus simplifying its for industrial applications using lasers for cutting operations.
execution, reducing its bulk and making it more economic. The control is of the proportional-integral type
The Dry Coolers of the Series RWD Include TWE. Water Cooled Water Chillers with Storage
Air To Water Heat Exchanger, Fan Motors with Tank and Hermetic Compressors.
Axial Ventilators and Microprocessor Control
Available with cooling capacities from 10 to 360 kW or up to Available with cooling capacities from 5 to 130 kW.
1440 kW with remote control kit. They cool a water flow using The condenser is of the coaxial type and, on request, the
ambient air only. They have been designed using innovative chillers are supplied complete with a pressure-regulating valve
constructional technologies and solutions,this obtaining a range to control the condensation pressure (necessary for water
of machines endowed with high efficiency and a broad range temperatures below 20-25C).
of available capacities, with the possibility of customization and
various different installation solution.