Valves and Actuation
Butterfly Valves
Tadpole Valve Tritec Cryogenic Valve
A rubber sealed double offset design,
Designed to meet the demands of low 
the Tadpole surpasses the  temperature gas and liquid service. 
performance of any traditional rubber  It is ideal for applications such as 
seated butterfly valve. This valve can  LNG tankers, LNG production plants .
also be supplied with an Ebonite lined  Body styles: Lugged; Wafer 
body for corrosive applications.  Flangeless; Double Flanged; 
Available in 150 & 300lb ratings Valve sizes: 2"  to 54" 
Valve sizes: 2"  to 54" 
Ultimate Rotary Process Control Valve Center Line Butterfly Valve
This range extends from high 
Resilient Seat; Upper flange: ISO5211
performance triple offset design to the  Wafer or Lugged type
low leakage seatless style control  Size: DN50 - DN1200, PN16/ANSI150
valves used for pure control  Shaft: Round, Double D,or Square type
applications . sizes:1.75" to 80"  End flange: ANSI/DIN/BS and other 
Body styles: Wafer; Tapped Lug,  international standards
Through Drilled Lug; Double Flanged; Operator: lever, gear, electric,
Butt Weld; Butt Weld Top Entry;  pneumatic actuator