Valves and Actuation
Butterfly Valves
Visa Butterfly Valve   -  2 Half Spindles Type Visa Butterfly Valve - One Spindle without Pins Type 
Without Pins.   Face to face:DIN 3202 
Soft Seat no Backing
K1/BS 5155/API609 Connection of disc and spindle: 
End flange to suit ANSI125/150       Square Head or Spline
& DIN PN10/16 both Wafer or Lugged type
Wafer or Lugged type Size: DN50 - DN300
Size: DN50 - DN300 Easy to change disc/seat 
Easy to change disc/seat  and for maintenance
and for maintenance
Center Line Butterfly Valve  Wafer Semilug Butterfly Valve  Asteknik-1110  
Double Eccentric Disc Type
Type1110 butterfly valve can be used 
To API609 standard for any general applications and is a 
Body carbon steel or stainless steel semilug butterfly valve
Wafer (or Lugged) type DN/ANSI : DN 50- DN 1000 2''-40'
Size: 2" - 36"; Class 150# 'Working pressure : PN 6, PN 10, PN 16, CL 150
Rubber seat; Flange connection : PN 6, PN 10, PN 16, CL 150
Metal seat (high performance)  Top flange : ISO 5211
Face-to-face : EN 558-1/20