Valves and Actuation
Gate Valves
Knife Gate Valve Series PKG Steel Gate Valve - MSA C 09.2
The PKG has been developed to meet
Non-corrosive liquids,water,saturated
the severe services requirements of steam, oil, air, crude oil products
slurry and solid handling applications. Flanged ends, welding ends
Traditional knife gates utilize a face Temperature range from -46C to
seal that is exposed to the flow +650C
stream when the valve is open. In CLASS from 150 to 1500, NPS from
slurry and powder service, solids in 2" to 48"
the flow stream can damage the seal,
resulting in a loss of shutoff integrity.
Cast Iron Gate Valve - MSA C 08 Steel Gate Valve - MSA S 38
Water, steam, gas, non-corrosive
Water, steam, gas, air, oil and its
liquids products, non-corrosive liquids
Flanged ends Flanged ends, welding ends
Temperature range from 0C to +200C Temperature range from - 50C
CLASS 125, NPS from 14" to 36" to + 550C
PN from 16 to 100,
DN from 50 to 1000