Valves and Actuation
Gate Valves
Investment Cast Valve V1-3 Visa Forged Steel Valves   -   (Standard Types)
Primarily used in low-pressure drain 
Gate, Globe, Piston Check, 
applications, the V1-3 is available in  Swing Check Valve
ANSI pressure class 150 to 600,  API602 & ANSI B16.34 basic design
in sizes 1/2" to 2” and in both full and  Class: 800-2500lbs      Size: 1/2"-3"
reduced-port configurations. Material: A105,LF2,F5,F11,F22,F316, 
The V1-3 features RAM®  F316L, F304, F304L. Bolted bonnet or 
hardcoatings, a blow-out proof stem,  welded bonnet. Socket weld end to 
live-loaded packing and absolute  ANSI B16.11 or screwed end to 
zero leakage. ANSI B1.20.1                  Test: API598