Valves and Actuation
Plug Valves
Pressure Balanced Plug Valves  METAL SEATED PLUG VALVE Non-lubricated
FEATURES were developed to give the engineers
1)Zero Leakage(Bubble Tight Shut Off) the complete choices of both soft 
     3Z tapered plug valve assures  seated  and metal seated 3Z valves 
     positive bubble tight shut off  with  while maintaining the same excellent 
     unique sealant system. capabilities of 3Z soft seated valves.
2)Zero Maintenance (InLine Adjustment) FEATURES  : The basic triple zero 
     3Z tapered plug valve can be  functions of 
     adjusted with the valve in line,   1)Zero LEAKAGE, 
     extending the service life of the  2)Zero DEAD-CAVITY
     valve. 3) Zero MAINTENANCE are maintained  
3) Zero Cavity as with the sleeved and lined valves.
     Slurry or sludge don t accumulate  NON-LUBRICATION: It is metal seated
     anywhere in a 3Z valve, because  but non-lubricated.  No grease  and no 
     3Z valve has no dead cavity in the  contamination. It is nice and clean.
     flow path